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Board-level commercial roles & projects

Peter Lewis is a troubleshooting National & International Business Executive not afraid to tackle proverbial Gordian Knots, address &elephants in the room'"and "speak truth to power". He undertakes "hands-on" Board-level commercial business roles and projects, in a wholly independent, apolitical, impartial and objective manner, quickly establishing trust, "adding value" (increase revenue streams, saving costs / cutting cloth, improving profits), delivering measurable results and makes a positive difference - with enthusiasm - as in:

Transferable skills, experience, competences & capabilities include: ...for international plc's, multinationals, SME's, private firms & individuals.

Peter is also the Northern Chair for a recognised transformation leaders network, and on a voluntary basis "gives back" to the local community too eg as executive president & NED of a 154 year young Pennine orchestral society. He keeps honey bees as an hobby and is a Yorkshire Agricultural Society chief steward at the annual Great Yorkshire Show.

Specialities: Project and General Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing (domestic and export, multinational and international). Industrial Manufacturing, B2B, B2C.

Sectors: Chemicals (polymers, plastics, cellulosics). Textiles (fibres & fabrics). Abrasives & Precision Tooling (eg metal fabrication – hip joints, turbine blades). Aerospace, Automotive (OEMs, Tiers 1 and 2 supply chain). Medical. Computing sales & consumables, IT services &software. Shampoo. Dental supply trade. Health Foods retail. Mining, Minerals, Geo-sciences. Charities (Arts), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Governance tasks, Trade Associations representation.